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Cloudberry Database is open sourced now~
Next Generation
Unified Database for
Open, Friendly, Advanced
Feature Highlights
More Use Cases
Cloudberry Database can be used in different scenarios, including batch processing data warehouse offline, building data warehouse in real-time, and more. Also, you can use it as an alternative to existing MPP databases.
Highly Elastic Scaling Capability
Cloudberry Database can independently scale out computing and storage resources to achieve fully elastic adjustments in throughput, response time, and data capacity.
Strong Analytical Capability
Inheriting the rich analytical features from PostgreSQL and Greenplum Database, Cloudberry Database leverages them to the cloud platform, and seamlessly integrates the mainstream ETL and BI tools.
Catch up with Mainstream Technology
Cloudberry Database supports mainstream data analytical features such as machine learning, graph calculation, and spatiotemporal analyses.
PostgreSQL 14 Inside
Cloudberry Database adopts the newer PostgreSQL version 14 inside to let users enjoy more with the backend global community.
More Enterprise Features
Cloudberry Database supports multi-tenant management, relational data models, standard JDBC and ODBC interfaces, and more.
Why Cloudberry Database
100% Open Source
Cloudberry Database is 100% open-sourced with an active community. You can find all the source code on GitHub as you need.
Production Ready
Cloudberry Database has been deployed in many critical production environments with high availability.
PostgreSQL Compatibility
Cloudberry Database is highly compatible with PostgreSQL, enabling you to leverage the advantages of the strong PostgreSQL ecosystem.
Join the Community
Cloudberry Database has a growing open source community, with contributors from around the globe building features, documentation, and assisting other users. There are many ways to contribute to Cloudberry Database, and you can easily find the ones that suit your skills and interests to begin your contribution journey. Additionally, our community is always there to help and provide support whenever you need it.