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March 2024 - Cloudberry Database Community Newsletter
Cloudberrydb Team
April 2, 2024

Hey there! Welcome to the March 2024 community newsletter for the Cloudberry Database project. We're excited to share the latest updates on the project and the community. Let's dive in, shall we?

New Release

Cloudberry Database v1.5.1 has been released with a few improvements and bug fixes. For further information, please refer to the release notes. Thanks to all the contributors who made this release happen.

Want to try it out quickly? Follow our Bootcamp program to get started with the Cloudberry Database Sandbox.


In March, we added some new features to our website, such as the ability to search the documentation on the site. We also introduced a light mode to enhance the browsing experience. Additionally, we are currently redesigning the homepage of our website, so stay tuned for the new look!

Pull Requests

  • Default build for postgres_fdw #400 by @smartyhero
  • Modify the orca optimizer's processing of unionall distribution strategy #399 by @Light-City
  • Fix: invalid record type in projection list #397 by @jiaqizho
  • [DNM]Fix: no need to do the qual-clause twice #396 by @jiaqizho
  • Add inline function 'table_scan_flags' for table AM to get the flags #395 by @HuSen8891
  • Fix: redefined sm4 in pgcrypto and backend/crypto #394 by @jiaqizho
  • Enhancement: Add gpshrink to support elastic scaling #393 by @lss602726449
  • Export numeric structure and interface to public #392 by @jiaqizho
  • Add new callback 'scan_flags' for table access method #391 by @HuSen8891
  • Implement of Directory table #390 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Move preloaded interconnect to the header file #388 by @gfphoenix78

Ideas / Feature Requests

  • Support disaster recovery for CBDB in asynchronous mode #398 By @my-ship-it

What about your thoughts on the new feature? Welcome to leave a comment.


🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@smartyhero, @Light-City, @jiaqizho, @HuSen8891, @lss602726449, @wenchaozhang-123, @gfphoenix78, @vitalboyzf, @TomShawn, @my-ship-it

Join us

The Cloudberry Database community welcomes everyone to contribute, regardless of their level of experience. We encourage all types of contributions, no matter how small. Our contribution guide is available to help you get started with the process.

In addition, we offer various channels for community members to discuss, seek help, provide feedback, and chat. You can find support here. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we're always here to help!

Join us and be part of our community!

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