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MADlib, PL/R, PXF & PL/Java for Cloudberry Database are public now!
Cloudberrydb Team
June 17, 2024

Hello everyone, we are excited to share some great news. Recently, We have made the following repositories public for the Cloudberry Database now:

We invite you to explore and test them. We highly appreciate your feedback, so please feel free to share your thoughts or any issues to let us know.

About Cloudberry Database

Cloudberry Database is created by the Greenplum Database developers, PostgreSQL contributors and ASF committers. We want Cloudberry Database to be the best open source alternative to Greenplum.

As a derivative of the Greenplum Database, Cloudberry Database is compatible with Greenplum. You can use Cloudberry Database the way using Greenplum. Cloudberry Database has a newer PostgreSQL 14.4 kernel and lots of advanced features Greenplum does not support, see the full comparison.