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Slack Guide
The channel for global community members to chat with each other in real-time. Get started by reading our guide on Slack.

Thanks so much for your interest in joining Cloudberry Database's Slack channels!

We have different platforms for our community members to communicate, including GitHub Issues, and GitHub Discussions. They're all asynchronous communication channels, but if you want real-time chatting with other people, you can join Slack.


We have diverse channels for different topics in Slack, you can join the following channels:

#generalThis channel is for workspace-wide communication and announcements. All members are in this channel.
#announcementsAnnouncements regarding new releases, blogs, webinars, meetups and other events.
#devPull requests, bug discussions, new Features, and other dev works.
#introductionsNew to Slack? Please do say hello! Let us know who you are, and what your interests are, so we can help you to kick-start as smoothly as possible!
#eventsA place to share events relevant to the Cloudberry Database community, including webinars, meetups, conferences, summits, etc.
#docsThe Channel for documents and website updates.
#cicdCICD pipeline, build, release topics.
#githubStatus on Cloudberry Database's pull requests, and issues.
#randomA channel to post and discuss random topics related to the database.
#jobsThis is the place for recruitment and sharing opportunities related to Cloudberry Database, PostgreSQL and other databases.

After joining, we encourage you to share a bit about yourself and what brings you here at the #introductions channel, so the community members can get to know you better.

Ground rules

Be kind! We lead by our community Code of Conduct, please be kind and keep open. We want to make a friendly space for all members.

Avoid global notifications. If you're not the admin or owner, please avoid using global notifications such as @here/@channel etc in all channels. We want to decrease noise for community members.

No ads, no spam. Please don't spam others through DMs. Share random thoughts in the #random channel. The first offense results in a warning, repeated offense may lead to removal.


Click to join our Slack channel! Join Cloudberry Database Slack