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August Newsletter - Cloudberry Database (2023/08)
Cloudberrydb Team
September 5, 2023

Hi, welcome to our Cloudberry Database project newsletter! From this month, we will initiate biweekly/monthly newsletters to gather information and new statuses around the Cloudberry Database.

Pull Requests

  • [FIXME] Wrong results on main branch for INDF query #180 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Doc: update security policy and PR template #176 by @tuhaihe
  • Catchup 1X_STABLE #175 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Add extensible smgr slot for other storage format. #173 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Doc: update editor settings for CloudberryDB #171 by @tuhaihe
  • Doc: update the building guide for Linux #170 by @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata
  • Feature: add user-defined index access method #169 by @hw118118
  • Fix create ao table set parallel_workers doesn't take effect #168 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Support create/drop database in serverless architecture #163 by @roseduan
  • Fix: use RelFileNodeId instead of Oid for relfilenode. #161 by @HuSen8891
  • Adjust the method of loading the external preloaded shared libraries #158 by @MisterRaindrop
  • Change json_object name to avoid conflict with jansson lib. #157 by @MisterRaindrop
  • Fix unstable tests reindextable_while_reindex_idx #156 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Adjust the method of loading the external preloaded shared libraries #155 by @MisterRaindrop
  • Change json_object name to avoid conflict with jansson lib. #154 by @MisterRaindrop
  • Improve makeArrayTypeName's algorithm for choosing array type names. #152 by @lss602726449
  • Implement Parallel-aware Hash Left Anti Semi (Not-In) Join #149 by @avamingli
  • Fix bugs which could not create unique index "gp_fastsequence_objid_objmod_index" #146 by @lss602726449
  • Add final Motion earlier in grouping_planner for partial paths #142 by @avamingli
  • Fix: warehouse is not supported without unionstore #139 by @roseduan
  • Support separation of catalog and compute #138 by @HuSen8891
  • FIX: constraint check exception with snapshot memory leak in AO/AOCS #136 by @lss602726449
  • add hashdata extension storage_am related hook #135 by @wangliang03
  • Loosen the restriction outer path has Motion of parallel plan #134 by @avamingli

In addition, we also have updates for our Cloudberry Database website. Some new pages have been live, including security policy, contribution guide, working with Git & GitHub, code Contribution guide, proposal guide, and more. You can visit our website to learn more.

Proposals & Ideas

  • [Proposal] Refactor ORCA to support user-defined access method in pg #113 by @wfnuser
  • [Ideas] Should prune tags after fetching from GP repo #137 by @Ray-Eldath
  • [Proposal] Implement Scorll Parallel Retrieve Cursor. #120 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • [Ideas] Wanna PostgresML in CBDB? An AI application database. LLM embeddings, generate text, or make online predictions using only SQL. #114 by @avamingli
  • [Proposal] Support Incremental View Maintenance (IVM) in Cloudberry Database #36 by @avamingli


  • Support dynamic table for Cloud #179 by @my-ship-it
  • ERROR:CBucket.cpp:45: Failed assertion #178 by @liyxbeijing
  • Upgrade pg_vector to 0.5.0 #177 by @my-ship-it
  • cdbd primary segment failure: writer proc reference shared with reader is invalid #174 by @liyxbeijing
  • SPIKE memory usage difference between PG and Cloudberry #164 by @my-ship-it
  • [Enhance] Too many log messages for memory stats when run out of memory #159 by @gfphoenix78
  • Support elastic search SSL for zombodb #153 by @my-ship-it
  • [Bug] gppkg -r is invalid #151 by @chenfool


🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@wenchaozhang-123, @tuhaihe, @Ray-Eldath, @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata, @hw118118, @roseduan, @HuSen8891, @MisterRaindrop, @lss602726449, @avamingli, @wangliang03, @my-ship-it, @liyxbeijing, @gfphoenix78, @chenfool, @TomShawn, @wfnuser

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