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Sep Newsletter - Cloudberry Database (2023/09)
Cloudberrydb Team
October 13, 2023

Welcome to the September monthly newsletter of the Cloudberry Database Community! Our goal with this newsletter is to keep you informed about the most recent developments, trends, and events within our community, as well as to highlight the impressive contributions and accomplishments of our members.

We invite you to join us in embracing the potential of open source technology as we work collaboratively to build an even stronger community.

Let's get started!

Pull Requests

  • Docs: merge docs for CBDB compilation on Linux systems #224 by @TomShawn
  • New altertable rewrite dispatch policy #223 by @wangliang03
  • bugfix: support hashdata tableam in Orca #222 by @gongxun0928
  • [WIP]Add git hooks for Cloudberry Database development #221 by @tuhaihe
  • Doc: update the building guide for MacOS #220 by @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata
  • support alter table for hashdata format #219 by @wangliang03
  • Fix incorrect index->reltuples after VACUUM #217 by @lss602726449
  • Add regress pipeline for branch union_store_catalog #211 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • change storage_am related catalog table main_manifest field type from… #210 by @wangliang03
  • Add vacuum full in serverless #209 by @roseduan
  • Implement extensible libpq protocol #208 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • support analyze for unionstore table in cloudberry #207 by @gongxun0928
  • SingleNode deployment #206 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Add hooks for plugins to get control in transientrel_init/intorel_initplan. #203 by @HuSen8891
  • Add main_manifest catalog table #202 by @roseduan
  • Fix unportable scripts on macOS #201 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Doc: update for Cloudberry Database #199 by @tuhaihe
  • Fix portability issues on macOS with gcc-13 #198 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Feature: building Postgres backend into shared library #197 by @lss602726449
  • Feature/add ext dml init fini hook for custom table am #196 by @gongxun0928
  • Feature: separation of storage and compute #192 by @HuSen8891
  • Feature: lazy initialize orca optimizer #191 by @lss602726449
  • Add extensible smgr slot for other storage format. #190 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Feature: Support custom wal rmgr #189 by @gfphoenix78
  • Update license headers for new CBDB source files #187 by @tuhaihe
  • Fix warehouse test when external fts enabled #182 by @roseduan

Proposals & Ideas

  • [Feature Requests] Multiple character delimiter needs to be supported #200 by @liang8283
  • [Proposal] Support SingleNode Deployment #188 by @Ray-Eldath


  • [Bug] Insert into a ao relation with 32 concurrent transactions failled #216 by @shmiwy
  • [Bug] gp_aoseg_name may return wrong value. #215 by @shmiwy
  • [Bug] reltuples in pg_class may be wrong for index #214 by @shmiwy
  • [Bug] pg_relation_size may get wrong result. #213 by @shmiwy
  • [Bug] count(*) query crashed and db in recovery mode #212 by @liyxbeijing
  • [Bug] Report some errors after using new user-defined access methods #195 by @hw118118
  • [Bug] gpinitsystem failed with missing library. #194 by @RyanWei


🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@TomShawn, @wangliang03, @gongxun0928, @tuhaihe, @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata, @lss602726449, @wenchaozhang-123, @roseduan, @Ray-Eldath, @HuSen8891, @gfphoenix78, @liang8283, @shmiwy, @liyxbeijing, @hw118118, @RyanWei

Join us

The Cloudberry Database community is open to contributions from anyone, regardless of their level of experience. We encourage all types of contributions, no matter how small. Our contribution guide is available to help you get started with the process.

In addition, we offer a variety of channels for community members to discuss, seek help, provide feedback, and chat. You can find support here.

We wish you a happy weekend and look forward to seeing you again soon!