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December Newsletter - Cloudberry Database (2023/12)
Cloudberrydb Team
December 29, 2023

Hello there! We hope you're having a great time during the holiday season. Thank you for joining us for the latest Cloudberry Database project newsletter in December!

In this newsletter, we will be sharing the latest updates, improvements, and contributions made by our incredible members. Let's dive right in and explore what's new!

Pull Requests

  • Add guc gp_enable_explain_motion_detail to show sender time when Explain Analyse #352 by @songdongxiaoa2
  • Turn on enable_shared_postgres_backend by default #351 by @gfphoenix78
  • Change MAX_TARABLE_SYMLINK_PATH_LENGTH to 200 #350 by @shmiwy
  • Fix compile error that pipe is redefined #349 by @gfphoenix78
  • [Answer Query Using Materialized Views] Correct PlannerInfo fields after rewritten. #348 by @avamingli
  • Add macro RelationIsNonblockRelation to expand code path like AO/CO #347 by @gfphoenix78
  • Feature: Orca optimizor support pax storage table #346 by @gfphoenix78
  • Feature encoding option for custom table AM #343 by @gfphoenix78
  • [Answer Query Using Materialized Views] Support GROUP BY, GROUPING SETS, ROLLUP, CUBE in origin query. #342 by @avamingli
  • Rename to #341 by @gfphoenix78
  • Fix issues about namespace pg_ext_aux #340 by @gfphoenix78
  • Dispatch by shared memory #339 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Add callback in TableAmRoutine to handle swapping relation files #338 by @gfphoenix78
  • Check index unique & skip prefetch for non-heap relation #337 by @gfphoenix78
  • Add reloption support for custom table access method #336 by @gfphoenix78
  • Add custom object class support #335 by @gfphoenix78
  • Add namespace pg_ext_aux for extension #333 by @gfphoenix78
  • Add dml hook for extensions #332 by @gfphoenix78
  • Move struct workfile_set to workfile_mgr.c #331 by @gfphoenix78
  • Fix \d in psql to show correct storage name from pg_am #330 by @gfphoenix78
  • Refactor the table AM: scan_begin_extractcolumns to contain execution context #329 by @gfphoenix78
  • Expose some functions to support PAX for partition tables #328 by @gfphoenix78
  • Enable SingleQE join with SegmentGeneralWorkers #327 by @avamingli
  • Fix: may cause UAF problem in get_size_from_segDBs #326 by @jiaqizho
  • Fix: Illegal PGnotify declaration #325 by @jiaqizho
  • Doc: update for CloudberryDB #324 by @tuhaihe
  • [Answer Query Using Materialized Views] Compute Aggregations on Materialized Views. #322 by @avamingli
  • [Answer Query Using Materialized Views] Refactor codes to new file aqumv.c #321 by @avamingli
  • Use FDW to query multiple servers as shards #320 by @oppenheimer01


  • [Bug] [AQUMV]ERROR: invalid attnum 3 for relation "aqumv_t2" (ruleutils.c:7260) #344 by @avamingli
  • [Bug] Run gpstop -m should shutdown with mode maintenance instead of smart #334 by @tuhaihe
  • Clean up CBDB_PARALLEL_FIXME #323 by @avamingli

Tools and more

We have recently released the backup utility, gpbackup for CloudberryDB. We invite you to try it out and look forward to the upcoming tools and extensions for CloudberryDB.

Additionally, we have finished the prototype work for our new website, which will be developed in the coming months. Please stay tuned.

We also want to give a shoutout to our CloudberryDB documentation team who are working hard to verify and organize documents. Thank you so much for your dedication!


🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@songdongxiaoa2, @gfphoenix78, @shmiwy, @avamingli, @Ray-Eldath, @jiaqizho, @tuhaihe, @oppenheimer01, @IdaLee666, @TomShawn

Join us

The Cloudberry Database community welcomes everyone to contribute, regardless of their level of experience. We encourage all types of contributions, no matter how small. Our contribution guide is available to help you get started with the process.

In addition, we offer various channels for community members to discuss, seek help, provide feedback, and chat. You can find support here. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback - we're always here to help!

Join us and be part of our community!