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Nov Newsletter - Cloudberry Database (2023/11)
Cloudberrydb Team
December 1, 2023

Hello there! Thank you for joining us for the November newsletter of the Cloudberry Database project!

We are thrilled to have you as a part of our community. In this newsletter, we will be sharing the latest updates, improvements, and contributions made by our incredible members. We have a lot to talk about, from exciting new features to bug fixes, so let's dive right in!

Highlight: Cloudberry Database Bootcamp

A few weeks ago, we announced the Cloudberry Database Bootcamp program, a comprehensive program that provides a hands-on experience with Cloudberry Database. It is tailored to help you understand Cloudberry Database's capabilities and features a range of materials, including tutorials, sample code, and crash courses. If you're new to Cloudberry Database, this bootcamp is the perfect place to begin. You can check the Announcement blog post for more details.

CloudberryDB Sandbox

Pull Requests

  • Feature: add user-defined index access method #315 by @hw118118
  • Judge whether commands need to be dispatched to QEs in QD #314 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • make main_manifest table not shared #311 by @roseduan
  • Fix: enable trigger throught FDW in the serverless architecture. #309 by @lss602726449
  • [Bug][github-actions] icw-parallel-test add MAX_CONNECTIONS #308 by @smartyhero
  • Add pg_upgrade and gpAdminLogs log to CI failure artifact #306 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Add interface and export struct to public. #304 by @HuSen8891
  • Doc: update the terminal info to CloudberryDB #300 by @tuhaihe
  • Answer Query Using Materialized Views #298 by @avamingli
  • Fix bug deduplicate elemlist is null when elemlist size is 1. #297 by @MisterRaindrop
  • Support cloud manager #296 by @roseduan
  • Use pg_class instead of gp_segment_configuration to test Entry. #294 by @avamingli
  • Rename GP parallel words to CBDB parallel. #293 by @avamingli
  • Fix explain bad indent when showing operatorMem. #292 by @avamingli
  • Provide deployment script #291 by @Ray-Eldath
  • Modify internal address in deploy/vagrant #290 by @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata
  • Revert "Fix explain bad indent when showing operatorMem." #289 by @avamingli
  • Fix explain bad indent when showing operatorMem. #288 by @avamingli
  • Doc: update pull request template for CBDB #287 by @tuhaihe
  • Add cache invaladation synchronization amoung QD and QEs. #286 by @wenchaozhang-123
  • Add motionhazard to the outer side of parallel aware join.(fix flaky incorrect results of agg) #284 by @avamingli
  • Reduce external-fts CI pipeline to only icw-test #282 by @Ray-Eldath


  • [Bug] abscissa type not supported, from sqlancer test #317 by @congxuebin
  • 'Parallel Safety' in CBDB style parallel plan #307 by @avamingli
  • [Bug] regress/aggregates_optimizer due to gporca fallback #302 by @Ray-Eldath
  • [Bug] Cluster down during regress/createdb #301 by @Ray-Eldath
  • [Bug] explain data change on operatorMem, mpp22698 test failed #295 by @congxuebin
  • [Bug] unexpected reltuples number in pg_class after delete and vacuum #273 by @congxuebin
  • [Bug] failed assertion "mp != nullptr" in CMemoryPoolManager.cpp::Destroy (gporca/libgpos) #285 by @Ray-Eldath
  • [Bug] regress/stats test failure on external_fts #281 by @Ray-Eldath
  • [Bug] There is a problem with the distribution strategy of the orca unionall operator. #279 by @Light-City


Currently, we are working on the new version of the Cloudberry Database website, which will have a fresh and modern design in the upcoming weeks. Additionally, we are diligently working on the Cloudberry Database user documentation. Stay tuned for more exciting news!


🎈️🎊️ Thanks to the following contributors for helping make Cloudberry Database better this month:

@wenchaozhang-123, @hw118118, @roseduan, @lss602726449, @smartyhero, @HuSen8891, @Ray-Eldath, @tuhaihe, @avamingli, @MisterRaindrop, @Zhangbaowen-Hashdata, @congxuebin, @Light-City, @ginobiliwang, @TomShawn, @RyanWei, @liang8283

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