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Cloudberry Database v1.5.2 Release Notes

Version number: v1.5.2

Cloudberry Database v1.5.2 is a minor release that includes some improvements and bug fixes.

Quick try: v1.5.2

Full changelog:


  • Support GROUP BY, GROUPING SETS, ROLLUP, CUBE in origin queries for materialized views by @avamingli in #342
  • Use pg_class instead of gp_segment_configuration to test Entry by @avamingli in #294
  • The GPORCA optimizer now supports the PAX (Partition Attributes Across) storage table by @gfphoenix78 in #346
  • Add the RelationIsNonblockRelation macro to expand code path like AO/CO by @gfphoenix78 in #347
  • Feature encoding options for the custom table access method by @gfphoenix78 in #343
  • Enable enable_shared_postgres_backend by default by @gfphoenix78 in #351
  • Correct PlannerInfo fields after rewritten for materialized views by @avamingli in #348
  • Support the HAVING clause in origin queries for materialized views by @avamingli in #354
  • Avoid misbehaviors that are not supported currently by @avamingli in #357
  • Support ORDER BY in origin queries for materialized views by @avamingli in #358
  • Make shareinput_Xslice_dsm_handle_ptr and shareinput_Xslice_hash non-static by @shmiwy in #361
  • Revert ci in the upterm stage to avoid failure by @wenchaozhang-123 in #371
  • Remove b and \r in the gpssh command output by @wenchaozhang-123 in #355
  • Do not inherit the parent's reloptions if the child partition's AM differs by @yjhjstz in #375
  • Extend a new table access method to do acquire sample rows by @wenchaozhang-123 in #374
  • Use materialized views' TupleDesc to construct final columns by @avamingli in #366
  • Add tests and benchmark in the interconnect module by @jiaqizho in #384
  • Add a new callback 'scan_flags' for the table access method by @HuSen8891 in #391
  • Export numeric structure and interface to public by @jiaqizho in #392
  • Move the preloaded interconnect to the header file by @gfphoenix78 in #388
  • Add an inline function 'table_scan_flags' for table access method to get the flags by @HuSen8891 in #395
  • Add gpshrink to support elastic scaling by @lss602726449 in #393
  • Revert #201 partially by @Ray-Eldath in #386
  • Offload the entry root slice to QE by @Ray-Eldath in #385

Bug fixes

  • Fix the AO/AOCS insertDesc memory issue by @avamingli in #365
  • Fix the issue that CopyCreateStmtFields lost the intoPolicy field by @yjhjstz in #372
  • Fix the issue that configue is not consistent with by @lss602726449 in #373
  • Fix the unstable ao, vacuum and icw tests by @jiaqizho in #376
  • Fix the issue that the shell script involves demo cluster by @gfphoenix78 in #377
  • Fix CREATE TYPE in namespace pg_ext_aux by @gfphoenix78 in #380
  • Fix the issue that parallel_workers is initialized as 0 for CdbPathLocus_HashedOJ by @HuSen8891 in #387
  • Fix the redefined sm4 in pgcrypto and backend/crypto by @jiaqizho in #394

🙌🏻️ New contributor

@shmiwy made his (or her) first contribution in #361.

🧑🏻‍💻 Contributors

Thanks to all the contributors to make this release happen: @avamingli, @gfphoenix78, @shmiwy, @wenchaozhang-123, @yjhjstz, @lss602726449, @jiaqizho, @HuSen8891, @Ray-Eldath 👍